A time-slip is a supernatural phenomenon featured in Do It One More Time.

Description Edit

Though not much known about the exact workings of time-slipping within the series, it follows a distinct pattern of occurring when a person with marital regret strongly wishes they had never married, upon which that person is sent back into the past roughly to the hour they had first met their would-be spouse.

While a time-slipper retains all their memories from before the time slip, every time they have a one-night stand, they lose one of those memories; This will continue until that person completely forgets they had ever time-slipped, leaving them a normal human being.

However, a time-slipper with particularly strong memories might suffer mental damage: as the memories in question continue to bind them to their past life, the two sets of memories (pre-time slip and post-time slip) collide, eventually leading to the time-slipper to undergo dementia-like symptoms. 

As Of Chapter 60 Min Huk Reveals That doing One Night Stands Can Help You Lose Your Memories But If Your Unsatisfied With Your Current Lifestyle In This Timeline Your Previous Memories(Past Memories) Will return and you might return to the past and to avoid these thing from happening the time slipper should be happy or find happiness in the timeline 

Known Time-Slippers Edit