Yoo Sunyoung is the female protagonist of Do It One More Time.

A woman upset with her husband Daegwang, she, along with him, wishes they had never married each other, leading to the two time slipping.

Appearance Edit

As the queenka of her high school, Sunyoung is heralded as veritably beautiful. She has long dark hair, bright eyes, and fair skin. In many appearances, she is often seen with a very attractive figure, having wide hips and a sizeable bust.

As a mother in her 30's, Sunyoung does not look much different, aside from the notable bags under her eyes.

Personality Edit

Similar to Daegwang, Sunyoung is marked by her intense dislike for her spouse. Raising their child Joonsu forces her to stay home for most of her maternal life, only for her husband to come home late at night, drunk and desiring sex. She is disgusted not only be his distasteful advances on her when she tries to sleep, but also by his frequent masturbatory sessions, especially while Joonsu is still awake. Not only that, but she is severely disappointed in Daegwang's meager salary for all the time he spends at work. This culminates in her regretting having married Daegwang in the first place, resulting in their time slip.

After time-slipping, Sunyoung becomes very opportunistic with her new lease on life, attempting to date Byoungjin once she knows that he would become a very rich man. Her successful attempts at starting relationships allows her to brag and show off against Daegwang, using both her experience as a truly older woman and her charms to easily attract other men.

However, not too long after time-slipping, Sunyoung begins remembering all the happy memories of not only her and Daegwang, but especially of their son Joonsu, whom ceased to exist when they time-slipped. While she initially sets the goal for herself to forget everything about her previous life using the "one-night stand" rule of time-slippers, she inevitably breaks down crying on multiple occasions whenever a memory of Joonsu surfaces, showing how much she loved her son. Eventually, this leads her to almost raping Daegwang as a mentally-lapsed attempt at getting Joonsu back, though she comes back to her senses before anything serious could be done. Rarely she will react to Daegwang's action with anything but disdain, but there are a handful of scenarios where she learns of his indirect attempts at giving her a better life, causing her to poorly stifle feelings of gratefulness and flattery.

However As Of Now She Falls In Trap Of Min Yuk And Her Friend(Yellow Hair Girl Who Is In Love With Daewang) And Breaks Of All The Ties With Daegwang.

After Two Years

She Went To Different Country To Train to Be fashion Model And Comes Back After 1 And Half Year And It Also Gets Confirmed That She Is In Relationship With Shoujin(President Of Her Company) as she wants to forget about her past with her husband.She Later Has A Total Makeover Of Her Avatar And Becomes The Top Model Of An Fashion Company.She Later Devlopes A Sexual relationship with her Company President Shoujin which leads her to forgot her past memories about her child.She Later Gets A New Apartment After She Gets Angry On Her Boss For Finding About Her Past.She Is Unable To Forget About her past revolving around her husband

As of Chapter 83 She Has Hired A Detective To Find Out What Her Daegwangis Doing Though She Meets Him After 2 Years As He Was On A Walk Alone And She Was Going Home Both Were Suprised To See Each Other

In chapter 84 she meets her husband Daegwang after 2 years though the husband fails to recongnize her this lead to her crying Though Daegwang recognize her later as a famous fashion model but not as his wife,she tells him that she had come to meet someone but it looks like he wont be coming(indicating towards him). Daegwang tells him he will help her find that person,though she tells him thanks but dont bother and leaves from there making sad face,she also lies to him about that Daegwang was his senior in the college

She Might Face Problem From Daegwang Gf In Future As suggested in the recent episode